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Color stainless steel wire drawing board No. 10

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Decorative panels / Vacuum ion plating / customisation

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Careful selection of substrates
  • Clean room for surface treatment and time wave cleaning
  • Vacuum ion plating
  • Fingerprint resistant surface treatment
  • Professional foreign trade team services

Product Details

Brushed stainless steel can be used in architectural decoration, advertising decoration, home appliances, household appliances, arts and crafts, chemical anticorrosion, bridge structures, aerospace, atomic energy, industry, communication vehicles, and Taiyuan energy utilization in areas where stainless steel is used. Color stainless steel can be divided into plates, profiles and stainless steel products, which are made by surface texture, color and pattern selection. Color stainless steel plate processing, stainless steel product processing, stainless steel engineering processing, through shearing, CNC V-groove pitting, CNC laser processing, the color stainless steel plate is processed into door covers, bathroom cabinet doors, skirting lines and stainless steel color plates. Finished product. Our company has complete equipment, wide processing range and high processing precision, which is suitable for trial production and batch product processing with various requirements.

Fatshan hw stainless steel Co., Ltd

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